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Zelda Gold Cartridge

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Image of Zelda Gold Cartridge
  • Image of Zelda Gold Cartridge
  • Image of Zelda Gold Cartridge
  • Image of Zelda Gold Cartridge
  • Image of Zelda Gold Cartridge

Check out this Beautiful GOLD Leaf Zelda NES Cartridge!

These Cartridges Are full cherry hard wood, with Cherry wood inlay.
measuring at approximately 5.3" x 4.8" We have both Cartridges in the images for you to compare "Zelda Wood", and "Zelda Gold". The only difference between the two, is the weathered gold leaf on the side and back ridges, and the hand painted "The Legend of Zelda" title on the front.

In the front, the tittle and crest has a cherry wood inlay. The tittle is hand painted in the the iconic red and black colors. On the left side we added the ridges and notch on top with distressed Gold Leaf! Yes GOLD LEAF!! to give it the imperfect gold color of the original Zelda cartridge.

On the back Link is battling monsters and exploring the world.
you can see all the Bosses you have to conquer to save the princess and obtain the Triforce. We hope when you receive this beautiful piece it brings you that nostalgia feeling that we are trying to recreate.

Batch 1 of this release will consist of 50 Gold Cartridges labeled and numbered. once they are sold out, they go into our vault. After they sell out online the only way to get them, is to come grab one of the select few that have been put off to the side for conventions only!!

**PLEASE NOTE the hand painted red color will vary from the picture. Some will be a deeper dark red and some will be a bright red, it all depends on wood grain.
**Gold leaf is meant to look a little worn to give it that nostalgic feel of the original cartridge.

Please Allow Two to Three weeks for shipping.